Saturday, 21 February 2009

Catwalk review: ioannisdimitrousis

Knights in shining armour came to the rescue at ioannisdimitrousousis. Intricate chains and needle details channeled warriors, emphasising the pain coming from within rather than any outside influences. The intense feeling of war was softened with mood-lifting sparkles, signifying the inner struggle, outwardly fought with the illusion of glamour, rather than any intense aggression. Elaborate chains delicately woven into top-knots combined with slashes of red crochet and softened the collection. The collection may have been jaunty and angular, but the mood was sombre, the gentle shimmer lifting the mood. The battle may have been lost, but ioannisdimitrousousis won the war. Louise Hemmings

Images: David Coleman
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To view video of the show courtesy of Toni&Guy TV click here.

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