Saturday, 21 February 2009

Catwalk review: Romeo Pires

Challenging the expected, turning preconceptions on their head- Romeo Pires defied the paradox of fashion "normality" by creating a theatrical reversed collection for their first ever show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. And it certainly got people talking!

Staying true to their use of light fabrics and vivid bold colors and prints, the dramatic collection consisted of see-through and oversized garments dressed backwards on the models. The use of delicate fabrics dominated the show, these were draped and constructed into loose dresses that flowed fluidly down the body. Boundaries were pushed further when dresses were deconstructed to include additional sleeves not intended for the arms. Light colored blazers were turned around and layered atop the dresses. Metal masks appeared on the back of the models' heads, their poker straight hair was pulled in front of the face and tied into a knotted ponytail, and big clog shoes featured heels that were positioned on the front, all adding to the reverse-effect.

There is much ado about Romeo Pires, with great expectations for the future of this rising fashion brand.

However one concern stands, which became apparent during this collection: the use of heavy, uncomfortable shoes. So the question remains: Is it right for models to wear such extreme footwear? You decide. Nina Tukaj

Images: David Coleman
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To view video of the show courtesy of Toni&Guy TV click here.

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