Saturday, 21 February 2009

Model interview: Jasmine Poulton

Be still my beating heart. Forget gothic glamour, black being back or the revival of the jumpsuit, and say hello to a new trend for this season: heart shaped badges, as worn by the VFS team. “I love them,” admits model Jasmine Poulton, backstage at Romeo Pires, “where can I get one?” Having already modelled for Paul Costelloe, Central Saint Martins and due to walk in the Romeo Pires show today, Jasmine is beginning to feel the usual fashion week exhaustion, although less so than in previous years thanks to the new system for casting models. “It used to be twenty castings a day in completely different places, and you had to do them all within a few hours, so I always thought it would be a brilliant idea to have all the designers come to one place,” she enthuses. So how’s she finding Vauxhall Fashion Scout so far? “It’s really interesting to see new talent, but it’s also great to work with established names,” she explains. Her heart’s definitely in the right place. Louise Hemmings

Image: Katie Coxedge

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