Saturday, 21 February 2009

Review: Theatre de la Mode

A Hungarian stuffed horse has made a stable for itself amongst a pile of upturned school chairs and some stage lights in the foyer at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Part of Theatre de la Mode’s installation ‘Elixir of the Hungarian Horse, the collection mixes the old and the new, with a few intense prints inspired by Hungarian huntsmen thrown in for good measure. “We like to move away from the catwalk,” explained designer Chris Kelly. The clothes will be hung around the installation, allowing the audience to really interact with the clothing. “We want to make an environment, a feeling of the label, instead of just being a quick image”. Louise Hemmings
Image: Simon Armstrong

And later at the presentation read what Nina Tukaj had to say....

For the third season, Theatre de la Mode has intrigued us with their non-traditional approach to catwalk presentations by creating an artistic installation from rust and wood, and a conceptual video revealing their interest in ultramodern fashion. It rises above time and focuses on bringing timeless pieces to our present culture. Their “Elixir of a Hungarian Horseman” was illustrated through a classic theatrical display of old wooden chairs, deteriorated pipes, and added humor through using a crocodile prop imprinted with butterflies with braided golden hair.

A model in an Indian inspired ensemble added to the theatricality of the exhibit, the collection itself suspended on hangers and stands so as to blend into the installation. It’s a fusion of the Wild Wild West meets Indian culture meets post WW2. Garments continue the label's ongoing use of modern materials, executed in heavily draped sweatshirt jersey hoodies and trousers. Theatre de la Mode's shows are developed without compromise, fusing inspirations from the past and present.

Image: Katie Coxedge

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