Saturday, 21 February 2009

Installation by Avsh Alom Gur

There were no three inch caterpillars, grinning cats or stolen tarts, but the Vauxhall Fashion Scout team could have been forgiven for thinking they had walked in the world of Alice in Wonderland this morning. Crystal-encrusted chandeliers, squashed cones, smashed windscreens, battered boots, shattered wing mirrors and a giant cuddly dog (who had definitely seen better days) could be seen hanging from the ceiling just inside the venue's entrance. Part of an installation by Avsh Alom Gur, the eclectic mix is suspended from the ceiling by tiny wires, like a trash palace in the sky. In the wise words of the Cheshire Cat, we're all mad here. Louise Hemmings

Image: Simon Armstrong


  1. I was completely overwhelmed and intrigued with the complexity and stylistic forms that these objects of intense luxury invoked in my inner being. As I gazed upon this floating landscape, my only thought was of bygone days, remembering lost love, desires and hopes.The sadness and yet the joy embraced my mind and filled my soul. This is a complete and utter work of genius by this great man.

  2. ...actually Margaret Campbell MA said all that......Una can't spell all those big words....

  3. Una,you're fabulous darling. Love from The Fashion Scouts x