Saturday, 21 February 2009

Street Style: round 3 outside Romeo Pires

Name: Kit Lee
Occupation: Street Style Photographer
How do you see the future of London Fashion?
"I see it getting better and better with our exports i.e. Burberry etc. coming back."

Name: Victoria Ify
Occupation: Model
Style Icon: "anyone with elegance, Iman, Tyra and even a bit of Naomi."

Name: Shakka Maidoh
Occupation: IT
What makes London fashion week?
"The people make London Fashion Week"

Name: Daniel Mckenedy
Occupation: Intern with designer Bryce d'Anice Aime

Name: James Benenson
Occupation: Club promoter
What is your biggest fashion week challenge?
"Fighting my hangovers! Vitamin Water's 'Revive' really does the trick!"

Name: Sophie Missing
Occupation: Fashion writer for WGSM
Biggest fashion disaster? "Gingham and floral Minnie Mouse leggings with a saggy bum."

Name: Jake Missing (Sophie's brother)
Occupation: Writer's assistant
Biggest fashion disaster? "Neon Stussy flat cap and the whole Nu-rave period!"

Words: Janis Furneaux
Images: Yumi Yoshinaga

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