Sunday, 22 February 2009

Vox pops: round 2 outside Horace

Name: Fiorella Bellagotti
Occupation: Executive Book Moda Magazine
What are your predictions for next season?
"Well I think there are new ideas from the young generation, they are
getting better and better. More metropolitan, using sustainable
clothing, working against the elements and pollution, making them
available for everyday use."

Name: Shelley Pick
Occupation: Writer for Fashion Calender, New York
What did you think of the Horace show?
"I liked it a lot, especially the idea how the clothes cross gendered,
it should have been done long ago. I adore the leggings and jeans with
the rouched torn front, it was a great look - and great music!"

Words: Gemma Winter
Images: Katie Coxedge

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