Sunday, 22 February 2009

Vox pops: round 3 in the Off Schedule Media Centre

Name: Simon Ewart
Occupation: Vauxhall Consumer PR Manager
Why Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
"The reason we support this is because it has such a varied mixture of design and ultimately, it's about style. It's the biggest off schedule venue aside from London Fashion Week [BFC tents] and going forward, obviously we want more talent and also to confirm the Vauxhall Fashion Scout as the place on the map for real emerging talent."

Name: Monica Cattorini
Occupation: Director for Istituto Marangoni, London
How should graduates view this economic climate?
"This economic climate could also be very good for students, we should be positive! It's my first time at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and I'm here to see Hemyca. They have worked with our students on a project before so we are here to support them."

Images: Katie Coxedge
Words: Dal Chodha

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