Sunday, 22 February 2009

Catwalk review: Hemyca

As the lights dimmed and fashion babble quieted down the first model took to the runway, hair slicked back, metallic paint around her eyes and strutting in time to the Arctic Monkeys' "505". Already in possesion of a fierce reputation for exquisite tailoring and near-architectural structuring, perhaps the brilliant garments shouldn't have been a surprise. Even so a heady mix of leather, lace and body-skimming, thigh circling attire caused those watching to break into rapturous applause.

Lace panels slid down the backs of heavy and huge-shouldered tops, PVC snuggled up to the collars of coats and voluminous harem pants accentuated tiny waists beyond belief. And it didn't stop there. There were full-length, red satin skirts and structured, layered, tiered backs of dresses. There were beautiful pelise-like coats and PVC gloves. Blouses were knotted at the front, sleeves were bell-shaped and shoulders were either exposed in bandeau-styles or protected in triangular shapes that could have stepped straight out of the 80s. After the incredible reception the show recieved, designers Myra Nigris and Helen Clinch were over moon, telling The Fashion Scout "we really love this collection and just wanted it to be fun". Hemyca is a amalgam of the seemingly disparate, managing to combine power and femininity in every single garment and pulling it all off with perfect aplomb. Emma Hopkinson

Main Image: Eddie Blagbrough
Catwalk Images: David Coleman

Click to enlarge:

To view video of the show courtesy of Toni&Guy TV click here.


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