Sunday, 22 February 2009

Vox pops: round 4 outside HEMYCA

Name: Nicky Hambleton-Jones
Occupation: Stylist
What did you think of the show?
"I loved the show, the cream coat and the red floaty dress which was
made for me. I loved the edgy tailoring, it's wearable and it's sexy,
it embraces the female form which is brilliant. Wearable for any age,
you could funk it up or be really classic with it, amazing pieces you
can keep in your wardrobe, they are timeless. I am wearing them today,
loved the label for three years now, I did a shoot with their stuff
recently and I just absolutly love it, it's just great."

Name: Robert De Neit
Occupation: Art Director, What Magazine
What did you think of the show?
" I really loved it, the structure and the shape. The shoulders were
amazing, it was really good, I was really in love with it."

Name: Tiffany Hsu
Occupation: Buyer, Feathers Boutique, London
"I'm here to see Louise Amstrup and I also saw Ones To Watch on Friday. Vauxhall Fashion Scout is good for fresh talent"

Words: Gemma Winter and Dal Chodha


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