Sunday, 22 February 2009

Catwalk review: Victim

Mei Hui Lei’s Autumn/Winter 09 collection did not disappoint, models were let loose, strutting amongst the perching spectators, so close in fact you could literally smell the old, vintage trimmings, ruffles and lace that the models were adorned in. The collection encapsulated a sense of romance and Victorian glamour. Models were drenched in beads, pearls, sequins and sparkling diamonds; long sleeve gloves with intricate ruffles and stitching. Legs were wrapped up in ripped and shredded tights, tied with strings and their height accentuated by killer platforms and thigh high boots adding a touch of sex appeal to the look. The intense layering of the vintage fabrics gave the garments life and movement. Colour was kept to a predominantly monochrome palette with elements of pink, burgundy and red. It was the detailing of this collection that made it a hit.

As for the make-up, models sported pale looks spiced up with red Geisha style lips that matched their glossy red nails and huge, backcombed hair appearing fairly spooky but elegant.
The finale of the show saw the diminuitive Mei Hui Lei stomp past the long-legged models standing draped in her designs, dressed in luminous pink and gold ruffles where she was applauded immensely by the satisfied crowd. Emma Shiggins

Images: Eddie Blagbrough


  1. I love this concept!
    It is completely pulled out of the past but is still able to retain a bit of a modern feel to it. I'm so going to steal some of this look for a show I create someday. It will be great.

    Your photographs are awesome as well. Well done!

    Sparks x

  2. Thanks Sparks! You brightened up our day. Love The Fashion Scouts x