Monday, 23 February 2009

Review: Harriet's Muse

And now for something completely different. Harriet's Muse shunned a traditional catwalk show in favour of a concept presentation. The audience sat rapt as designers Craig Spellar and Cheryl Partington allowed us into the personal and intimate world of backstage styling as they dressed four models individually on the runway. The first look comprised a signature corset dress, grey with black stripes and chevrons given a flash of colour with red tights. For the second look the feline model sauntered down the catwalk in a tight black leather pencil skirt, topped with a puff-sleeved leather jacket- soft, feminine lines contrasting well with the biker-chick style. For the third, the model was helped into a billowing, ruffled corset dress - short at the front, long at the back in smoke grey silk - given another contemporary twist as indulgent and rich fabrics were discarded, and previously unwanted fabric is recycled into fashion. The piece de resistance was a black wool and silk brocade Victorian inspired dress, it seems gothic undertones continue to reign supreme as a trend for for AW09-10.

"Reactionary's" message is of incorporating recycled fabrics and patterns due to the present uneasy economy shift. The atmosphere is somewhat more stern and serious than the cheeky light hearted nature of previous shows - a sign of the times. These Cinderella’s got fed up waiting for their ball gowns and made them instead. "Reactionary" proved Harriet’s Muse are aware of the ecological boundaries set for all of us, but celebrates the use of recycling and rejuvenation with a little bit of kinky fun. Katie Coxedge

Images: Alisa Afkhami


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