Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Street style outside William Tempest

Name: Marcus Rise
Occupation: Stylist,
What fashion aesthetic are you into at the moment?
"Vintage Knitwear and wearable futurism."

Name: Fotios Evangelopoulos
Occupation: Menswear Fashion editor for "Harry Can't Read"
If you could give a fashion week fresher some advice what would it be?
" Once you're in, just enjoy appreciate the designers creativity and the privilege of being there."

Name: John-Francis Bowyer
Occupation: Journalism student

Name: Martina Akrenius
Occupation: Journalism student
Can you predict and future fashion trends?
"Highwaisted trousers for men."

Name: Chiko Ohayon
Occupation: Photographer
What inspires your style?
"I'm swayed towards 1930s and 40s fashion and find that many modern day designers often reference it."

Words: Janis Furneaux
Images: Yumi Yoshinaga