Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Catwalk review: Co-operative Designs

"Spadgermatazz" is definitely not a word likely to pop up in the Oxford Dictionary any time soon. But if anyone was going to provide a definition, it was Co-operative Designs and their imaginatively titled collection, and in our minds it went something like this:


1. An eclectic celebration of head-to-toe knitwear, combining graphic and textural elements on a base palette of black and white with slashes of colour.

2. A playful mix of traditional cables and fine knits, combined with more unusual elements of embroidery, felt and leather, worked to simulate knitted stitches.

3. The creation of an illusion: dresses that look like skirts and jumpers; cardigans with built in skirts; and scarves worn as dresses.

Spadgermatazz , it’s certainly got razzmatazz.

Louise Hemmings

Main image: Katie Coxedge

Runway shots: Alisa Afkhami


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