Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Interview with ASOS streetstyle photography winner Sam Hiscox

"A couple of months ago a friend sent me a link to the ASOS streetstyle competition and they suggested I should enter. It was closing in a few days so I fired off an email and found out pretty quickly I was in the final. I spammed all my friends to vote for me and here I am!" explains winner Sam Hiscox. His prize includes tickets to all shows at Vauxhall Fashion Scout today where he'll reviewing the shows for his blog Dayglo-Poster, Brighton's only street fashion blog. The city's varied backdrop and colourful characters combining to create great street style. "I 'm more interested in becoming a photographer but I'm keen to do some writing as well. I'm here today doing a blog for the ASOS website." Hiscox's reviews can be read from tomorrow on the ASOS streetstyle microsite, he's got a natural eye for style so we predict they'll be good! Hannah Kane.

Image: Yumi Yoshinaga


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