Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Catwalk review: Emma Bell

As much an experience as a catwalk show, guests were greeted in the foyer of Vauxhall Fashion Scout with cartoon-esque cupcakes that were as delectable as they were kitsch. The audience were then ushered to their seats. The lights went down and the dulcet tones of a violin filled the room, slowly becoming recognisable as the childhood classic How Much is That Doggy in the Window. A giant dog then appeared on stage with a glitter encrusted cane and high-heel shoes - the canine impersonator took off his head to reveal performance artist Scottee who joined the fiddler singing an ever more aggressive rendition of the ditty.

This opening did not dwarf the show which featured Big Brother twins Samanda and club promoter/DJ, Jodie Harsh. The models donned baby-doll faces with ensembles ranging from garments made of Perspex cut-out hearts and gingerbread men, chunky knit dresses adorned with banana motifs, South East Asian-inspired print leggings and the occasional hamburger and palm tree - and a dog tooth print for good measure. Metallic quilting aided voluminous silhouettes exaggerating hips to massive proportions, there were also cones which provided protection for arms, shoulders, boobs, bums and crotches. Contrasting the matte prints Bell used shiny metallic PVC which came in the guise of drop crotch jumpsuits. The palette was colourful as ever with pastel neons, bright yellow and blue. All of which was topped off by dog head pieces a nod to Emma Bell's experience of animal cruelty in her recent travels to East Asia. Kelly Davis

Images: David Coleman
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