Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Credit crunch couture: interview with Dean Sidaway, Creative Director for Avsh Alom Gur

Avsh Alom Gur’s Creative Director Dean Sidaway's imagination knows no limits. “The collection is based on The King And I and Bulgarian folklore,” he explains, “We’ve used the very intense floral ethnic embroideries but as prints so we’ve increased and decreased the sizes of them.” The King and I influence is apparent in the voluminous dresses, but tulle and organza fabrics have kept the collection light, and there are no crinolines. So is this a sign of the times? “It’s just a fun thing in light of the credit crunch, wearing these really decadent gowns in this climate.”

This year’s collection is a lot smaller than usual, restricted to only 15 looks rather than the usual 30. “It’s not necessarily a statement but we did want a more couture salon feel so it became more intimate; a small show with statement looks,” Sidaway explains.

Look out for Avsh Alom Gur’s show at 12.45 today: A collection most definitely fit for a king. Louise Hemmings

Image: Alisa Afkhami


  1. I like all of your collection it is truly amazing,In fact I'm looking for your big suit.