Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Street style round 8: outside Emma Bell

Name: Trushar Patel
Occupation: MensweBoldar Designer
Out of the clothes you are wearing today which is your favorite item?
"These cat tights- it is all in the detail"

Name: Laura Greenwood
Occupation: Features Editor The Conceptionist
Where is the best place to go out in London after a day at the shows?
"Al's Tasty Fried Chicken in Whitechapel"

Name: Sane Pheonix
Visual artist/DJ/Singer in electro band
Have you been to any fashion parties this week?
"No, but I am going to ANother Magazine party tonight so looking forward to that."

Name: Harry Mckinley
Occupation: Fashion Student at London College of Fashion
Have you been to any other shows have you seen this week?

"No, this London Fashion Week has fallen the same time as lots of deadlines so I am only coming to this show because I am friends with Emma."