Friday, 20 February 2009

Street style round 1: outside Julia Smith

Name: Rena Smith
Occupation: Fashion student
Describe your style: "Urban Punk and constant reinvention"

Name: Haruki
Occupation: Stylist Assistant and intern with Alexandra Groover

Name: Hana Kitazaki,
Occupation: Fashion Assistant to Kamiko Watari
"I'm here to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere"

Patricia (designer) and Zahra (designer's assistant), both here
to see Kangst.
Describe your style: "loud!"

Name: Kirstin
Occupation: Writer
How would you describe your style? "A real mixture; eclectic and vintage with a Japanese twist but my New York roots mean I am very put together." (i.e. carefully considered!)

Name: Yuji Teramoto
Occupation: Student
Favourite item of clothing? "My vintage leather jacket!"

Words: Janis Furneaux
Images: Yumi Yoshinaga

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