Friday, 20 February 2009

Country casuals: the Off Schedule Media Centre at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Just a short walk from the hustle, bustle and general fabulousness of London Fashion Week lies the Off-Schedule Media Centre, a safe haven where the glamorous can rest their tired feet, kick their beautiful yet demonic shoes off (its fashion week - comfort is not a consideration) and recharge their batteries. Literally.

In stark contrast to last season's Bedouin theme, guests are welcomed to the bosom of a warm country kitchen. Set designers are responsible for evoking a feeling of nostalgia, and the rural ambience is enhanced by wooden beams, comfy chairs adorned in chintz throws and woolen blankets. The obligatory rustic kitchen table is the heart of the space and will be a base for many a journalist this week, allowing them to type up their latest review, check emails, or grab a caffeine fix with their colleagues. Anyone fancy a cuppa? Kelly Davis.
Image: Simon Armstrong.

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