Friday, 20 February 2009

Catwalk review: Kling by Kling

Kling by Kling presented a spectacular gathering of weird and wonderful garments in the foyer at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Ghostly models holding, then releasing black balloons effortlessly glided through a sea of photographers. With strong influences of graphic design the collection used garments as the basic canvas for the designer’s signature graphics. There was a mixture of elements from the circus with the top hats, balloons and clown-like make-up to a very fashionable bed-time look with leggings, stripy shirts and ties all executed in a dark, morose palette.

As for the accessories, the headwear came in all shapes and sizes from top hats to Aladdin-style plaited turbans. Shoes were reminiscent of their last collection ‘Virus’ with baubles attached to the heels - adding a peculiar edge to the look. Some of the models wore sunglasses, but of course in true Kling by Kling style they were also worn around the neck. The monochrome palette infused with small, splashes of bright, almost neon purples and reds matching the sapphire blue lips of the female models. A truly wondrous and successful display of this emerging talent. Emma Shiggins

Images: Eddie Blagbrough

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